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S05E14 Deleted Scenes | Ron’s Wedding Speech

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Leslie Knope — Parents Just Don’t Understand

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watching the parks and rec episode “bowling for votes” and i just noticed something… fishy…

so ron mentions that the bowling alley has his favorite restaurant. they do a close up of the menu. this place sells hamburgers and hot dogs. haha, funny. i laughed.

and then… only moments later… leslie tells that one dick that she just ordered them some wings. wings, leslie? where did you get those wings, huh? ‘cause, just sayin’, the restaurant at the bowling alley doesn’t sell ‘em!

now i have a headcanon that involves leslie ordering wings and being told that they don’t have wings, just hamburgers and hot dogs, and her freaking out about how it has to be perfect and it has to be wings, this was part of her plan which she put all together in this binder, see, look at the cover art! and each new section of the plan has a different colored tab! and this orange one is order wings, it has to be wings! and then ordering wings from somewhere else to the bowling alley…